Problems and solution in managing operations and workforce for a construction company

Construction companies tend to face several problems especially when it comes to managing operation sites and workforce. Many are still comfortable with the manual paperwork for equipment and asset management. This practice however still in use for attendance log as well besides the thumbprint machine.

When it comes to running a construction company, you need to deal with multi-location sites which means handling lot of your remote team. One slip and things can be a disaster. So, what are the frequent issues a one construction company may be facing at this time?

The Problems

Thumbprint system faulty.

There a cases where employees who have to face inaccurate finger detection for attendance and this can be frustrating where employees have to remain there to ensure they machine able to gets it or they will be accused of not appearing for work.


At times, management will need to deal with their supervisors given reports late or handing in reports with inaccurate data and such which can cause the Admin & Finance department a headache to fix.

It does not help you save money

Expensive investment on devices that are costly doesn’t determine return of investment or cost-saving and they will come with extra maintenance fees.

Too many sites to manage and too many reports to handle

The problem with manual ways of reporting is that you will have a hard time to keep up with every site update as well as having to finish the reports before the end of the month. This do not include the time to fix any mistakes that may occur during the process.

No equipment to track vehicles and asset

It can be difficult sorting and tracking your asset and even harder trying to find the person who was last used the equipment or asset. For an example, trying to remember who the last person was to use the crane or who was the last to take out equipment needed for the project.

Operational Workforce Management

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