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As a member of the HAUZ Partner Programme, you will have access to business and marketing resources you need to be successful and grow your business


Partners have access to dedicated sales and marketing resources focused on accelerating partner growth


The HAUZ Partner Programme is the hub for everything a partner need to grow their business with HAUZ


As a member, you will have access to partner tier discounts, deal registration and referral campaigns


HAUZ offers sales enablement in the form of training designed to quickly onboard sales and technical teams

HAUZ Partner Programme encompasses 3 tracks


The Referral supports individuals who wish to submit referrals to HAUZ but will not be transacting directly as reseller


For business owners and individuals that primarily service to provide sales for end customers. They provide assessment, advisory and hands-on expertise to clients


Businesses that offer a service or technology that is complementary to HAUZ and serves as a way for partners to develop and support integration

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" Previously, we had to physically download the attendance record from the thumbprint machine. However, with the introduction of HAUZ, we can now get the attendance record immediately from the portal. Customer service is fast to respond!"
Fathiah Rasid, HR Executive
" We no longer need to identify each individual OTs manually anymore. It helps us a lot in minimizing admin task and increasing our productivity by shortening the time of processing required reports. "
Ain, HR Asst Manager
Kami Security Services Sdn Bhd
" The attendance provided by HAUZ is faster and also flawless compared to what we had before this. Biometrics and WhatsApp that's how we used to take attendance before HAUZ. The overall experience with HAUZ has been positive. "
Nicholas, Director
Egan Equipment & Parts Sdn Bhd
" Untuk pemilik perniagaan di luar sana, anda akan menjimatkan banyak kos dengan menpunyai aplikasi HAUZ. "
Syimir, Supervisor
Warrix Sport Malaysia
" I have increased my sales growth by 55% simply by implementing HAUZ into our day to day operation. HAUZ allows us to focus on what matter the most, sales and marketing. "
Eunice Lee, Managing Director
Ampersand Aesthetic Sdn Bhd
" Customer support was good, and problems were rectified promptly. Our company was using an outdated system prior to deploying HAUZ, which brought a new viewpoint on time management and clocking systems."
Victor Valentine, Manager
Sungei Wang Plaza
" HAUZ has made it significantly easier to keep track of my technicians' attendance. As a whole, HAUZ's customer service is also great, and based on my positive experience, I would recommend them to others."
Noor Alyaqeen Madzlan, Manager
Ogre Pest Control Sdn Bhd
" Right now that we can see a detailed precise timesheet of guards arriving and performing their duties accurately by having HAUZ here. Operation control is accomplished effortlessly via the portal and the app."
Idzkandar Bin Idzhar Marappan, Director
Sentinel Security Services Sdn Bhd
" Our company's operation before to HAUZ was not particularly ineffcient, but we saw that once we implemented HAUZ app, it became more technologically advanced and efficient. Our experience with HAUZ has been positive."
Abdul Muhaimin, Team Leader
Metro Parking (M) Sdn Bhd
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