How We Have Helped Security Companies

How We Have Helped Security Companies

At HAUZ we have always catered our platform to assist the security industry. Back in 2018. We started off by developing an application that provides a collusion for security companies in their workforce and operation management needs.

Now even after 2 years, having expanded our platform to other industries, we still continue to reach out and help security companies shift from their manual processes to a digitalized solution.

So how exactly have we helped them ever since we started? Well, we began by identifying their problems first.

What were the problems?

When it comes to security companies, guards will be stationed all around town, cities, or even different states. Therefore, the management always struggles in making sure that their guards are stationed where they are supposed to be and are reporting to duty on time.

Worries of operations being run smoothly even if supervisors are placed at the sites to ensure that everything goes well all the time.

Sometimes the guards stationed go missing or their buddies will help them clock in even though they are not there. At times, things can get messy with misplaced reports or devices going haywire.

Manual processes mean that getting reports done can take some time. With only limited time to complete them before the next payroll, the reports can also be inaccurate. It will be difficult to produce a genuine report or detect issues within the report, because of that it causes paychecks to be either overpaid or underpaid.

How did we solve them?

Our application is meant to help companies with a large workforce working remotely in multi-locations. With just a mobile phone and not additional devices apart from a laptop for the management side, employers and employees are able to fulfill all their workforce management needs.

The attendance taking feature which only consists of three simple steps has made it easier for security companies to take their attendance accurately and easily without wasting anymore time.

The guards just need to scan the QR code that’s placed at the location they are stationed at and take a selfie for security measures, with that they wll be clocked-in in no time.

HAUZ also comes with a handy reporting system whereby you can auto-generate reports immediately from anywhere at any time. The reporting system comes with a variety of reports to make it easier for the management to detect any issues and analyze the data with ease.

The platform also comes with useful features like Scheduling. Which has made shift arrangements much easier and prevents a lot of miscommunications. So now guards would not be confused or frustrated about last minute shift changes as they will be notified immediately if a change is made to their schedule.

The interval reports have also been proven to be helpful to report any issues happening at the site or if your staff has to report anything in general.

So, if the guards come across an issue that needs to be addressed, they will be able to take a photo in the application and the management will be able to see it instantly.

Our platform does not stop there, with these features already in the system, HAUZ is still constantly driven to come up with more updates and features that we believe will enhance our application further.

With this we aim to support the security industry in the long run as well.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you company then do visit our website at and feel free to give us a call.

Problems and solution in managing operations and workforce for a construction company

Construction companies tend to face several problems especially when it comes to managing operation sites and workforce. Many are still comfortable with the manual paperwork for equipment and asset management. This practice however still in use for attendance log as well besides the thumbprint machine.

When it comes to running a construction company, you need to deal with multi-location sites which means handling lot of your remote team. One slip and things can be a disaster. So, what are the frequent issues a one construction company may be facing at this time?

The Problems

Thumbprint system faulty.

There a cases where employees who have to face inaccurate finger detection for attendance and this can be frustrating where employees have to remain there to ensure they machine able to gets it or they will be accused of not appearing for work.


At times, management will need to deal with their supervisors given reports late or handing in reports with inaccurate data and such which can cause the Admin & Finance department a headache to fix.

It does not help you save money

Expensive investment on devices that are costly doesn’t determine return of investment or cost-saving and they will come with extra maintenance fees.

Too many sites to manage and too many reports to handle

The problem with manual ways of reporting is that you will have a hard time to keep up with every site update as well as having to finish the reports before the end of the month. This do not include the time to fix any mistakes that may occur during the process.

No equipment to track vehicles and asset

It can be difficult sorting and tracking your asset and even harder trying to find the person who was last used the equipment or asset. For an example, trying to remember who the last person was to use the crane or who was the last to take out equipment needed for the project.

Operational Workforce Management

A monthly subscription plan enterprise solution for managing operations and people management. All you need is your mobile phone and smart devices to view the application. No maintenance fee to worry about. HAUZ works the best for any types of company that looking for a quick and cost-saving management system.

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